Hot Sex With A Divorcee Colleague

Hi All. My name is Harman and I am from Dehradun. 30 years of age and businessman by profession. This is my second story in ISS. My first story was about how I had sex with my cousin sister just two days before her marriage. This is my second story of how I had sex with one of my colleague who was a divorcee.. About me I am 5’4’’ in height, fair color and 6’’ tool. The best is I am able to fuck for a long time and fully satisfies my partner. I have a wife and a girl friend as of now. I am reading ISS for a long time and really like lots of stories. Believe me this is a true story.
I was in Delhi and working in a private company. There was lot of work and I use to be in everything new which company plan. I was one of the best performers. Then I was told that there is a new employee coming up who basically will be reporting to me and will get the work done from my subordinates. He was more of like my co-coordinator. Initially I was very reluctant but then company hired one. On the day of joining my boss told me that she has come and introduced us. When I first saw her she was damn sexy and hot. She was very young, hardly 22. Big boobs, equally great ass, not very fair in color but great figure. Her lips were like Angelina Jolie. I was staring at her when my boss said that Alisha will be under me. I said it will be great. 
She immediately looked at me and smiled. From then only I had a strong desire to fuck her. She use to always wear revealing clothes in office. Her bra and panty lines were always visible from top of clothes. Her top button of shirt will be always open. I sue to get a good view of her sexy body while working with me. I introduced her to her other people and told them that they will have to ask her for anything before coming to me. Her training period was for 15 days. She was very rude kind of girl to everybody which I got to know from my staff later on. She said that people don’t listen to her. Staff said that she is so new and we have to ask her for everything before coming to me. So everyday she use to spend a lot of time with me. Gradually we became open and started cracking jokes. But till then it was just like professionalism.
After few days I was preparing some reports in the night when I required some data. My wife was sleeping in other room. I messaged her that are u awake? She replied –yes. Then I asked her for the details over message and thanked her. Next day again I asked her some data over messages. Third day in the morning I saw a sms from her side saying don’t u require me tonight? Such a double meaning SMS was enough for me to proceed. But because being well known in my company I did not wanted to take any step. I went to the office and she wished me with a sexy smile. That was 29th of month and next day was month end and I had to do night shift as auditors were coming. In the night she again sent me a message saying lagta hai apki night bahut achi kat rahi hai? She had already told me that she divorced her husband after 8 months of their marriage as he and his family use to beat her.  
Next day I did not went in the morning as I had to do night shift. She called me up and I told her that I will be coming around 8 pm. At 3 pm she sent me a SMS saying I want to talk to you, can we meet at rajouri garden at 5 pm?  I said yes and went out. When I saw her in mall she was looking damn sexy and hot. She was wearing a top which had a knot just in front of boobs just like vidya balan was wearing in dirty picture. Almost half of her boobs were visible. Her waist curve was looking very sexy. Her black trouser was clearly showing her panty line from front and back. I asked her what happened to you and she said she is like this only. Almost everybody in mall was staring at her. Anyhow we went to food court and after ordering something started chatting.
I asked her what was that she wanted to talk to me and she said nothing she was feeling bore in office as I was not there. I was staring at her lips and cleavage all the times which she noticed and then she bent forward giving me a very clear view. My toll was fully erect by then. Then I asked her why did u sent me that message last night she said since you are married your night must be going good. I asked means. She boldly said u must be having sex with your wife that’s why you didn’t send me any message.  I was a bit stunned with her boldness. I said you will also enjoy the same once you get married. She said for this one need not to get married. I replied yes. 
Then she told me that she is a divorcee as her husband was not good and use to beat her. She was hardly 22. I was a bit sad after that and then she said that she also missed her nights wither husband who use to fuck her almost every night and it’s been 7 months since she had sex. Now when she was that much bold I also decided to move ahead. I asked her what’s your score and she said its 5 as of now and hopefully it will be 6 very soon and winked at me.  I also smiled back her. I told her that I am married she said she is not looking for marriage just more than friendship. 
After that we decided to watch a movie as it was still 3 hours for my shift. I took two tickets and we went in. show had already started and there were very few people. We took corner seats and there was no one around us. She only suggested the same to me. After about 15 minutes she lifted the arm rest of chair between us. Now our shoulders were touching us.  I took my right hand and wrapped around her shoulders and slowly started massaging her hands. She also came close to me. Slowly I took my hands and started touching her cheeks. I circled my fingers on her nose and then took it on her lips. She immediately took it in her mouth and started kissing it and sucking. I removed my finger and looked at her. Then I brought her closer and smooched her. She was like eating it. Her were very juicy lips. We both kissed for 5 minutes. 
After that she took my hand and put it on her boobs. They were huge and very soft like sponge balls. I started squeezing them and fondled with her nipples. Her nipples became erect and hard. Then I lowered her top from one side and took her boobs out and started sucking them. Her nipples were very good to suck. She started moaning. I took her hands and put them on my tool. She took it out and there was a shine in her eyes. She immediately said wow. I said why and then she said one is because she is seeing after a long time and it is one of the best till now. 
After moving her hands up and down for some time I asked her to suck. She said I like it most and I will drink your cum also. When her lips touché my dick I shivered immediately and pressed her head on my dick. She took it whole comfortably and was a great sucker. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever had. After sucking for 5 minutes i ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it whole. We again kissed for 15 minutes and then we decided to go out. After that it was regular contact between us. She was great in bed, Very passionate and energetic. When I fucked her for first time she asked me to start from ass as she likes it a lot. Her was very a very tight pussy and asshole. She likes to fuck for long time. First time we fucked it was for 45 minutes. She was one of my greatest sex partners. If someone of you is interested in knowing more please mail me and I will share more of my stories.
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My Sexy Receptionist Gita

Hello friends and this is Akshay here. This is my first story so kindly spare me for my mistakes, and lemme know what improvements could be made for the next time and this is real true story. The story started those days when I finally got admitted in my class 11th. It was a tough job for me as i had always been week in studies. I was basically very intelligent but i never wanted to study. I always wanted to do business. the only reason for this was my father. He’s a big business man and has business across the globe.
I started to go to office when I was in 8th and I did not used to go to office regularly it was just once or twice a week accompanied by my mom that too just for 2 hours and when I was in 11th I was around 6.0 and I had a bit fat body but I used to look a perfect tall,dark and handsome. One fine day I went to office directly from my school as my dad had to leave for states on a business trip as soon as I entered everyone stood up to greet me but I could feel that some one did not get up.
I was on the phone as my eyes shifted towards our reception I found a female. I thought she wud be our new receptionist and without saying anything to her I headed towards my dad’s cabin and sat on my dads chair. I used to sit on it every time I visited office and our manager mahesh entered with the same receptionist that I had seen on the reception. This was the first time when I could see her completely. Damn!
That was the first word that sliped out of my tounge and I was kinda lost into her beauty for seconds man I just can’t express the actual feelings in words, that were there in my mind but still. She was around 5.8 fair complexion, slim stats around 34-22-36 (I felt so) red lips it felt like the apsara(sex goddess) had came down to earth I started dreaming her of getting  on to her and then heard crying sound as me a fat guy was on her the 0 figure girl my mind laughed.
 i suddenly got into reality sir  Mahesh was calling me(he calls me bhaiya bro but calls me sir infront of the other staff)
Me (to myself) what the fuck are u doing idiot if any one get even a hint your dad is gonna kill you.
Mahesh : What happnd sir? For whom this damn for.
Me: it was for my cell phone the battery has finished (luckily my cell was in my hand).
Mahesh: I’ll get you the charger meanwhile this is Ms Gita our new receptionist.
Me: Ok
Gita: Good afternoon sir.
Me: Good afternoon after this she went back to her seat and I started noticing her secretly.
Time passed my dad came came back. One day I heard my dad saying that she is not a good characterd women. She could not be trusted and after some months we had an exhibitionism by that time she had become frank to me .
Again my dad went to a business tour accompanied by my mom. That day I got my chance. I had to take some things from my office to the venue and got to knw that the sales girl over there was ill and had to leave I called in Gita and asked her if she had any experince of sales and she said yes. I asked her to come to the venue with me the driver was also on leave so I sat in my crv and she sat near me.
I started the car and on my way to the venue I took out my cigaratte from the  box and asked her weather she mind if i smoke. she was ok with it on the way I did not talk much to her and as we reached to venue a person from our stall came to the car for getting the things me and Gita started walking to the stall.
At around 3 I said that I wanted to smoke I asked mahesh to accompany me but he told that he has to stay at the stall as he  was the cash incharge there. Gita told me that she was bored so she could accompany me as she would have a coldrink and I could have a smoke by the time. We reached my car and told her to sit in as I could not smoke in open if anyone see’s me smoking I’m a dead man, so she sat.
I lit my cigratte and started talking to her casually then asked her about her family and she told that she was married at the age of 18 and has been married now for 15 years and had 2 daughters. I was like fuck you don’t seem to be a mother of 2 she smiled and
Gita: ohh so what do I look like
Me: you don’t look more that 26 you’ve maintained your self very well
Gita: (laughed) no it’s not so.
Me: yes it is, ok cut it so what does your husband do?
Gita : He is a drunkard and he drinks all day and all night does not earn any thing and lives on what I’ve earn and he is 62
Me: what the fuck are you serious he is 62? and you are only 32
She: how do you know my age
Me: ohh come on you said that you were married at 18 and have been married now for 15 
She: wow so you are that intelligent huh? Both of us laughed
Me: so tell me more about him
She: let’s talk of something else please
Me : why is there any problem
she(started crying ) please I don’t wanna talk abt that asshole and he is a creep a person like him must not live. I got my point of how to seduce her
Me:(giving her a tissue) hey please don’t cry ok please but she did not stop.
Me: ok have a smoke here and you will feel that everything is fine
She: no I don’t smoke
Me: cut the crap when I lit my cigratte you said tht you dont have any problems and cud be only one way tht your husband might be smoking with the drinks so you can stand the smoke that’s why you can even smoke.
She: (with a small smile) are you some astrologer or what and how can  you predict the things so casually.
Me: (with attitude) It’s just common sense.
She: (naughty smile) ohhhh finally she had cigratte and told me that she used to have it as her husband forced her to have it
Me: holy cow and he even forces you to smoke .
She(crying again) he even beats me and some times he even beats me on road.
Me: why
She: like we are on scooter and some guy passes from side and stares at me so he stops the scooter and start beating me on the road saying tht he might be a lover of yours and now tell me is this good.
Me: no ways this is India you will find boys on every road trying to tease girls.
She: exactly but he does not understand.
Me: damn, if i was on your place I would have done an affair .
She: why so?
Me: if you are called a thief even when you have not done any thing then one day you get in your mind ” i m called a thief no matter i do it or not so why not i do it”
She: means
Me: it means get the profit cuz u are labled a thief so start steeling and enjoy.
She: (with strange looks)and how does it relates to my case.
Me: if he says that you are having an affair and beats you every day for the same reason then why don’t you have one.
She: (lowering down her eyes) I have tought abt it many time but i stop thinking of my daughter.
Me: a thief who is caught is not a thief
She: ohh  you cut these philosophical sentences of yours and be straight
Me: if i be straight you will find your self in trouble hahaha she (with naughty smile) ha , don’t forget that I’m 32 and the thing which are fantasies for you i have lived all of them.
Me: don’t teach your father how to fuck ha. I know you are experinced but I have the google knowledge and we both started laughing finally I told her give me your hand I know little bit of palm reading
She: (by forwarding her hand) ohhh so what does my hand says as soon as I had her hand in my hand I started sweating trust me guys the feeling was kind a different for me as I have never touched even a palm of a women. I was completly lost and I did not knew wht do I have to do next.
Me: Your hand says that your gonna have extra martial affairs.
She: well I don’t think so. I love my daughters a lot
Me: having an extra-martial affair doesnot means tht you don’t love ur children. It means that you don’t love your husband or wife.
She: you know I was always unhappy with my husband and there was a guy named Pravin who always loved me. He always told me that Gita my doors are always opend for you.
Me: (scared) and what if i say the same thing?
She: what do you mean by that?
Me: I mean that I love you
She: hahahaha this is not love it is the physical attraction which every guy in this age have it.
Me: I know myself honie, don’t tell me about me you just don’t know me. She was tightening her grip in my hands.
Me: just think that if you are holding my hand and slowly getting it tight what does this exactly means? This means that you also love me and she was silent
Me: tell me is it so or not.
She: let us go or someone would take us wrong
Me: answer my ques first and then you can surely walk out.
She: if you have juts told me something then let me atleast think about it and your age is also a problem.
Me: love does not see any age, see yourself and your hubby age gap of 30 years but you still got married to him.
She: ok i’ll think about it and let you know and she left
I was thinking about my dads words that she does not have a good character. I got to know the reason and the reason was her hubby but whatever i got my chance and I knew that even if not today i’ll get her one day.
I went back to stall it was around 4.00 pm and she used to leave on 5.oo Mahesh informed me that he had to go to office taking the money as the money is transferred to office everyday at the same time. I told him that I was bored here and I would  go.
Gita: sir my time is till 5.00 so it would be very kind of you to leave me at office as it would be very difficult to get a conveyance from here. I was damn sure that Gita had also fallen for me. I took the money bag and asked her to come along finally we started from there.
On the way back to office in the car radio was playing the song Rasiya from the movie Kurban. It was actually a kind of an adult song in which the actors have sex. I told her that I love this song and the chemistry between kareena and saif is damn good in this song. Kareena look damn hot in it.
She: oohh so you 
Me: what?
She: No nothing
Me : ok, I’m least interested what I’m interested is my answer.
She : I have not thought anything about it yet
Me : Hey that’s not fair.
She : let me enjoy the song
Me: as you wish and wanna have a cold drink?
She : Sure, I parked a car near a shop and got a cold-drink and a pack of cig for my self
Me:  Enjoying the song? Here’s your cold-drink
She had a sip and offered me. I saw her lipstick mark on the opening of the bottle. Trust me guys it was an amazing thing. I had a sip and offered her
Me: I too wanna enjoy the song. If you don’t mind can  please hold your hand. She thought for a second and then slowly offered her hand to me lowering her eyes down I slowly started tickling her hand
Me : this feels great wuld you mind if i take the long route. We will be able to spend some more together all alone and I may even get my answer. She did not reply but after few seconds she just waved her head in yes. I started the car and after abt 10 mins a tyre of my car busted.
Me: Fuck, this is gonna be a problems (but in my mind I was so happy that I can’t even express my feelings)
I checked the spare tyre in the car but I couldn’t find the jack which is used to lift the car. I told her this to which she gave me a wicked smile but was also looking tensed as she was getting late for home I told her to call her hubby and say that can he come to pick her up at the spot as the tyre busted and I said so as I knew that he won’t come and if he knew that I was wid her so he would even allow her to stay.
He knew me very well he respected me a lot the reason was that he used to work in our company earlier and I knew him since then. He used to ask me for money from his drinks and I always gave him. I was feeling damn luck that day. I called the 24/7 road assistance and I get to know that they would take atleast 30 mins to reach there. We were on a highway between some kind of forest and she told me
She : I wanna pee
Me : Go into the forest .
She : I feel scared can you come along you then stand a bit far from me but I won’t go in alone
Me : (I was tired of getting the same thought again and again and how did you became so luck today)Ok
We started walking and after a few seconds we were in a place that we could not see the road and even couldn’t be seen from the road. She then acted as if she slipped back and straight on to me. I tried to balance here and finally we were in front of each oder lost in each oders eyes. She slightly kissed me on my lips it was just a peck and we again lost into each oders eyes.
She suddenly hugged me tightly and started kissing my lip passionately this went for some time and she moved a step away from me and stood without saying anything. I thought this was my chance that I’m waiting from all these days. I without wasting a second stepped into her, I slowly kissed on her lower lip by taking it inch by inch that was amazing. 
It was Such a soft lip and she also slowly encourages me by putting her entire lip into mine. I was eagerly waiting for this moment. My hands started to explore her body starting with her hip and held her hip and pressed it very hard. A slight ouch came out from her mouth. The taste of her saliva was damn good slowly I removed her saree pallu and started to move my hands to boobs.
She held my hand and said that not here we will go to some room some day but not  now and not here. We hugged each other tightly and had some more kisses. We went back to the car and saw after jus 2 mins the road assistance reached the spot. The tyre was replaced and we sat in and started. She said me tht she loved me and wud complete the remaining thing soon We reached the office and in the parking we had another small kiss and said bye. That’s it for now.
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Savita Bhabhi: Episode 32

As Shalini suggested, Savita decided to try out the new tailor shop as she wanted to get one of her saree stitched. She got out of the auto and entered the tailor shop. It was just an ordinary shop with tinted windows and all. A middle aged man approached Savita from behind and asked, “You look like you could use some help Madam.”
“Hmm? Oh yes. I’m here to get a saree stitched. My friend Shalini told me about this place.” replied Savita.
“You are at the right place. My name is Shankar Shetty. I own this place. Shalini ma’am is our very special customer.” said the man with a smile.
“Nice to meet you Mr Shankar. You really have a nice place here.”
“Thank you madam. And it would be my pleasure to help a beautiful woman like you.” said Shankar charmingly.
And then Shankar asked Savita in what fashion did she needed her saree to be stitched. Savita who had no clue about what she wanted replied that she didn’t know. Shankar then handed out a catalogue.
“Take a look at this catalogue. These are the latest fashion for sarees we are offering.” said Shankar.
Savita flipped through every page in the catalogue. But she still couldn’t decide which one to choose. Finally Shankar suggested a type of fashion for the saree from the catalogue.
It was a black colour saree with some golden designs. The blouse as showed in the picture would reveal her bountiful cleavage. The back of the blouse had only a pair of single string to tie from behind so that it may look completely naked from behind except for the string. The pallu was very transparent. Over all the saree was really revealing and beautiful.
Savita instantly liked the design and made up her mind.
Shankar then immediately called out for his assistant tailor, Ramu. Ramu was a young 18 year old boy. Shankar told Ramu to get ready to take Savita’s measurements needed to stitch the saree in the design she had chosen.
Ramu placed the measuring tape around Savita’s blouse.
“No! Not like that Ramu. How many times do I have to tell you? Move; let me show how it’s done. Madam, if you don’t mind…” exclaimed Shankar.
Savita who was a bit uncomfortable decided that it would be better if a professional would take up her measurements. So she agreed to allow Shankar to take her measurements.
Shankar them removed Savita’s pallu from her shoulder. Savita looked startled here and asked Shankar what he was doing.
“Relax madam. We can’t take measurements with your pallu hanging on.” said Shankar with a reassuring smile.
Realising what he was saying was correct Savita decided not to object anymore. He was after all only doing his job.
Shankar then placed the tape around her blouse, holding one of the ends of the tape together. But as he did that, His fingers started rubbing against Savita’s nipples through the blouse. Savita looked uneasy.
“What is Shankar doing? Why did I forget to wear my bra today!?” thought Savita to herself.
Shankar then moved on to take the measurement for the neck of her blouse, her waist region and so on. And each time, Savita felt Shankar was inappropriately touching or squeezing her body. This made Savita really uncomfortable but at the same time, Horney too.
Ramu was watching all of this. He was enjoying what Shankar was doing to Savita.
After all the measurements were taken, Shankar took one last look at the measurements. He realised that he had a spare saree with the exact measurements of Savita’s.
“Madam, I think we have the saree that was shown in the catalogue with the exact design and measurements for you! Why don’t you wear it so that I can verify its shape and size?” asked Shankar.
Savita thought about it and agreed to it.
Soon, Shankar went to fetch that particular saree and returned back to return it to her. He had instructed Ramu to show her the changing room.
Savita got into the changing room. She removed her saree. Then she noticed that there was no hook on the door where she could hang her saree. Half naked, Savita peeped her head outside the door to call for help to ask where she could hang her saree.
To her surprise, Ramu was waiting right outside the door. He asked Savita whether there was any problem.
“Ramu!? What are you doing here?” gasped Savita who was startled to see Ramu.
“Madam, sir told me to stay here just in case if you needed any help.” said Ramu innocently.
Well in that case, there is no hook to hang my saree in this room!”
“I apologize for that. Give your saree to me. I’ll hold it for you.”
“But….I…I don’t think it’s a good idea!”
“Don’t worry madam. No need to be shy. You can trust me.”
Savita reluctantly decided to give him the saree. As Ramu approached closer towards the door to take the saree from her hands, Ramu got a small glimpse of Savita’s semi naked body through one of the rear view mirrors inside the trial room.
Savita realised this too. Ramu then walked away with her saree. Savita, with an embarrassed smile thought to herself, “That pervert must have enjoyed seeing me naked.”
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Bus Me Chudai

Hi! dosto and This is Raja13 from Jaipur and this is a story about me and my bhabi (brothers wife) I was 22 and perhaps one of the horniest guys possible. I always had a problem that I always like a girl older then my age. Now I’m coming in Hindi, mere ghar me hum 5 log he me, papa, maa, bhai and meri bhabhi. Bhai ki shadi 2 sal pahle ho gai thi par abhi tak unhe koi bachcha nahi hua tha. 
Bhabhi or mere sambandh bare hi dostana the par mene kabhi unko esi najro se nahi dekha tha. Bhabhi ek dam fit or modern type ki thi or hum aapas me bahut mazak kar liya karte the par apni had me rah kar. Ek bar bhabhi ke ghar Jodhpur se phone aaya tha ki unke bhai ke ladka hua he to ek function rakha he to unko jodhpur function attand karne jana he or  bhaiya ko apne office ke kam se tour par jana tha to bhaiya ne kaha ki raja tu ja or bhabhi ke sath ja ke jodhpur 
Me function attand kar ke aa jana or bhaiya tour par 15 days ke liye nikal ghye. Papa ne rat vali  bas me mera and bhabhi ki 2 seat book kara di me and bhabhi bus station ja kar Jodhpur vali bas pakar li din thandi ke the to hum dono seat pe ja kar beth gaye, thodi der me bas chal di or me or bhabhi bate karne lage 1 ganta bit gaya fir thodi der me bhabhi ko halki se nind aane lagi to bhabhi ne apna hath sear rest pe rakha jaha ki pahle se hi mera hath rakha hua tha, jese he unka hath 
Mere hath se touch hua muze kuchh ajib sa mahsus hua, mene ekdum apna hath hata diya par mere man me bure khayalo ne ghar kar diya tha. Thodi der me mene fir se apna hath armrest par rakha to bhabhi ka hata fir se mere touch hua, is bar mene bhi apna hath nahi hataya or bhabhi ne sleeveless blouse pahan rakha tha to unka pura hath mere hath se touch ho raha tha muze dhire dhire sex nasha hone laga to mene thoda sa apne hath ko aage pichhe kiya to bhi 
Bhabhi ne kuchh nahi kaha shayad unko nind aa gayi thi fir mene apna hath hilaya to unke pure makhmali hath muze aachhe lag rahe the thbhi bhabhi hili to muze laga ki kahi fas nahi jau to mene aankhe band kar di or hath vahi rahne diya to bhabhi hili or mere seat ki taraf halki se juk gaye jis se meri kohni halki se unke under arm ke niche lag rahi thi to muze or chhad gayi, mene apna hath halka se hilaya to mera hath sidha unke brest ko touch ho gaya me ek dum se dar 
Gaya and apna hath halka sa khich liya, and thodi der bad vapas halka sa press kiya to vapas bhabhi ke boobs par touch hua, mere tan badan me sihran se utha gai, pahli bar kise javan orat ke boobs press kar raha tha, bhabhi ki abhi bhi aankhe band thi to meri himmat badhi and mene mera hath halka sa bhabhi ke boobs par rakh deya or halka sa press kiya, thbhi bhabhi hili mene apna hath hata diya tabhi bhabhi ne kaha raja aaj thand jyada he me shol layi hu jise apan oodh 
Lete he, bhabhi ne shol nikala and seat ke bich ka hatta uppar kar ke hum dono ne shol odh liya, aab me or bhabhi ke bich me armrest (hatta) bhi nahi tha hum dono chipak ke bethe the or shol odh rakhi thi thbhi bhabhi ko nind aa gayi or unhone apna sir mere kandhi par akh diya or so gai, mene apna hath ko fir se harkat di jese hi bhabhi ke makhmali boobs ko press kiya bhabhi halki hili or jyada mere karib aagayi or apna hath mere kandhe par rakh diya or so gai jis se bhabhi 
Ke boobs ek dam ubhar gaye or me bhi thoda or bhabhi ke pas sarak gaya, aab bhabhi ki garam sanse muze mahsus ho rahi thi mene fir se apna hath bhabhi ke boobs par rakha or press karne laga to bhabhi ne hath se halke se muze daba diya to me samaj gaya ki bhabhi ka green signal he mene bhabhi ke kan me halke se kaha ki koi problem to nahi he to bhabhi ne halke se sir hila diya ki koi problem nahi he fir mene ke naram hothoko kiss kiya to bhabhi ne bhi 
Mera sath diya or apni jibh mere muh me dal di or hum desi kiss karne lage or mene bhabhi ke boobs ko halke halke massage kiya or dhire dhire blouse ke button khol diye aab bhabhi bra me thi ab bhabhi ko halke se upar utha he hook khol diye to bhabhi ke dono boobs uchhal ke bahar aa gaye unki nipple ek dum pink thi or sidhi khadi thi unhe halke halke massage kiya to bhabhi mooming karne lagi, bas chal rahi thi va sabhi soye hue the to kise ko pata bhi nahe chala ab 
Mene bhabhi ke boobs ko juk ke apne muh me le liya or unko chusne laga, bhabhi sharma gaye or muze mana karne lagi to mene bhabhi ko bola hi bhabhi aab to mene dekh hi liya he to aab isme sharmana kesa aaj to inpar mera adhikar he aaj to me jam kar dudh piyunga jese he mene kaha bhabhi ne apne dono hath se mera sar pakad kar boobs par mera muh daba diya ab me bhi jor se chus raha tha, chuste chuste mene apna hath bhabhi ke per ki taraf badha diya or bhabhi 
Ka petticoat uppar karne laga jese hi petticoat gutne tak aaya bhabhi ne mera hath pakad liya, or mana karne lahi or boli ki muze sharam aati he to mene ek tarkib lagai ki mene apne pent ki jip khol di or apna 7 inches ka lund nikal ke bhabhi ke hath me pakda diya, bhabhi ise dekh kar dung rah gai or unke muh se nikal gaya itna bada to tumhare bhaiya ka bhi nahi he tabhi bhabhi ne juk ke ise muh me le liya or me to satve aasman pe pahunch gaya or jannat ki ser karne laga. 
Tabhi dhire se mene bhabhi ke pero ki taraf se petticoat uppar kar diya, bap re bapkya thays thi bhabhi ki ek dum gori gori or sudol us par bhabhi ki black painty kya sean tha mene ek hath bhabhi ki painty me dal ke unke dono ubharo ko malish kiya or kabhi kabhi bich ki rarrar me bhi hath dal deta to bhabhi sihar utathi or mere lund ko or tej se khane lagti mene tabhi bhabhi ki painty ko khinch to vo nahi khuli tabhi bhabhi ne halki se apne gand uppar uthai or mene unki 
Painty khol di thabhi muze unki chut he deedar huye o my! Kya chut thi us par chote chote bal uge huye the jese hi mene chut par hath gumaya bhabhi uchhal gayi or mere lund ko chhod diya mene bhabhi ko kaha ki apne thais ko choda kar de or unhone kar de or me unhe thais ke bich me unki god me so gaya or unke chut ka swad lene laga unko bhi maza aane laga tha or me regularly chat raha tha or bhabhi ne apne dono hath mere mathe pe rakh me or chut par or 
Pressure de diya jis se mera kam or aasan ho gaya or me puri chut ko maze se leak kar raha tha or bhabhi ne ek hath se mere lund ko pakad liya or jor jor se use masalne lagi to mera josh bhi badh gaya abb bhabhi se bhi nahi raha ja raha tha and unhone mere kan me kaha hi me aapki god me beith jati hun. to me seat par beth gaya or bhabhi meri god me beth gai jis se mere lund sidhi uski chut ke muh pa lag gaya aab ek dum se bas ka pahiya ek gadde me gaya jisse hor ka 
Dhakka laga or mera lund sidha bhabhi ki chut me gus gaya or bhabhi uppar niche hone lagi thodi der me bhabhi jad gaye or fir mene bhi apna sara mal bhabhi ke under me hi nikal diya or fir hum dono alag ho gaye or bhabhi ne mere galo pe ek pyara sa kiss kar diya or hum so gaye ab aage ki kahani bad me
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Telugu Actress Hema Malini Hot Picture Gallery

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